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Civic leader, businessman, family man and artist Adrian Martinez announces candidacy for Mayor of Downingtown

 DOWNINGTOWN _ Adrian Martinez, a civic leader, businessman and artist, announces his candidacy for Mayor of Downingtown.

“I’ve raised my family in Downingtown, operated a small business and volunteered with community organizations,” Martinez said. “I believe in serving my neighbors and have done so over the years. Downingtown needs a mayor willing to promote the borough while preserving the town’s family friendly atmosphere.”

On Friday, Martinez filed his petition to be a candidate for Mayor on the Republican ballot.

Martinez is a member of the Downingtown Planning Commission and the past president of the Downingtown Main Street Association. “My time volunteering with these organizations has given me a chance to meet and talk with many of the citizens of the borough. I listened to their concerns about the future of Downingtown and I’m ready to represent the best interests of the citizens. My interest is serving my neighbors. I’m not running to obtain a higher office or for any self-interest.”

Martinez is looking forward to meeting Downingtown residents in the coming months of the campaign. “Downingtown has an exciting future but we are at a crossroads. We need to preserve our excellent parks and open space while invigorating our downtown and allowing for the development of the paper mill property. Downingtown can be and will be the next vibrant borough in Chester County where people want to live, work and raise a family.”

A world renown artist, Martinez’s creations can be seen locally at St. Joseph’s Church, the lobby of DNB’s main branch, Green Street Grill, the S.T.E.M. Academy and Downingtown Library.

“I was so glad when several of the organizations asked me to work with young students on public art projects,” Martinez said. “Helping our youth and promoting the arts are two of my main passions.”

Martinez has been the featured artist locally at solo shows at the Chester County Historical Society and West Chester University.  His works have been featured in the White House, Camp David and the George W. Bush Library in Dallas.

Martinez holds degrees from the Maryland Institute of Art, St. Martins School of Art, London, England, and Perdue University. Adrian and his wife and son have lived in Downingtown for more than two decades.


  1. Caroline (Purcell) Tucker
    March 7, 2017

    Exciting and inspiring to read of the gift you are offering to Downingtown! You are a man of courage, wisdom and graciousness, with the imagination to see the beauty that can be harvested. You have my vote of heart!

  2. Claudine
    March 21, 2017

    How fabulous. Downingtown will be so lucky to have a person of your integrity and brilliance leading them. You have such an understanding of the history and a need to preserve such a magical place. I am very proud of you!