Five Winter Observations

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In the midst of so much winter, Adrian and I have some general observations to share:   1. Winter can be beautiful: 2. Winter can be adorable:   3. Binge watching TV and drinking red wine is a pretty sweet solution to cabin fever. 4. It is an incredible gift to have neighbors who help […]

Sitting In Class

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Adrian is teaching another drawing class at the Chester County Art Association and his first session was on Tuesday.  As his personal techie, I helped him put together a Powerpoint presentation on drawing, and agreed to go to the first class and set up the projector.  As it turned out, he also needed a model […]

It’s Sebastian’s Birthday!

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Today is a great day to get back to the blog (we had an extended holiday break) since it is Sebastian’s birthday! Twenty-two years ago today, Adrian and I were lying side by side on a bed in Harris Hospital (Fort Worth, Texas) looking into the placid and wise blue eyes of the newest member […]

A Natural Christmas (Part Two)

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So my natural Christmas story continues with the approach of the Holiday season in the late 1980s.  The holiday season, for me, begins about two weeks before Christmas. I always assumed this would change as I grew older and wiser, but it does not.  I resist the onslaught of holiday cheer that inundates our society […]

A Natural Christmas (Part One)

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Early in my married life I became, for reasons I didn’t quite understand, immersed in the idea of “natural” living (I blame Rodale Press). It seemed out of character since my favorite hobbies were reading books, seeing movies and watching TV, not to mention the fact that I didn’t care much for the outdoors; this […]

Sebastian’s Poetry

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Since this is my belated Thanksgiving Holiday post, I decided to make it short and, to me, very sweet.  The following poem was written by our son, Sebastian at age 19, during his freshman year at Bucknell University.  This poem is about a day he spent with one of his best friends when they were […]

In the Artist’s Studio

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 We live in a fantastic Victorian house, and one of its most exciting aspects is an old carriage house in the back.  The carriage house has a dirt floor, is two stories tall, has these amazing circular windows on the second floor with pentagram-shaped mullions and everyone in the area calls it the witch’s house […]

Best Museum Tour Guide

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Adrian and I were discussing a trip into Philadelphia a few days ago, and we both assumed, without discussion, that our trip would include visiting the Philadelphia Museum of Art (see photo below).  No matter how many times we go to that, or any, museum, I always look forward to another trip.  This is because […]

Art Model – Live

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In my blog last week, I discussed modeling for Adrian and so this week I was thinking about the difference between Adrian taking my photograph for a piece, and live modeling.  Any time he puts me in a painting, whether it be a portrait or if I am just a figure in a historical work […]

Art Model

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I’m pretty sure that Adrian asked me to pose for him after we had been dating about……one week.  It wasn’t a line, either, he meant business.  He told me he would be taking photographs, that I needed to wear a bathing suit, and I would be holding an egg.  I said, “sure”, like this happened […]

Seeing vs. Looking

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I exercise in the morning.  I hate it.  I am not a morning person, but when I finally realized that my only other choice (other than growing out of all of my pants) was getting all sweaty at night and having to shower twice (the horror), I began to get up 45 minutes earlier. And […]

Fish Hell

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Early in our marriage, Adrian did a painting that I call “Fish Hell”.  When he started the painting, I was dubious.  I remember thinking, “How do I tell him that this is a really bad idea?”  And then, after some careful thought about how that conversation might go, I held my tongue.  Of course, he […]

Secret Child

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While putting together this website, I spent a lot of time staring at many, many images of Adrian’s work.  Often, it was like reconnecting with members of my extended family….I remembered when they were born, and when they lived in my attic for a few years and/or hung out in my living room and I […]

Introduction to Leah

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Hello, I ‘m Leah Martinez, Adrian’s wife.  We thought we would share this blog because, a) art is always a family business and b) I probably know more about Adrian’s work than anyone else since I have seen everything he has done for the last 25 years.  If this doesn’t arouse your envy, let me […]