Downingtown Main Street

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There is another important contributor to the Downingtown Fine Arts Festival happening on May 30th and 31st – the Downingtown Main Street Association.  The DMSA is an all-volunteer group of civically-minded individuals looking to promote business in our borough and see the town off to a good start in the 21st century. We’re pooling our efforts […]

Victory Brewing Company

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Downingtown, Pennsylvania has been a place of some significance for over 200 years. It was a frontier trading post and an important supply depot for Washington’s army at Valley Forge. Roads come together at five points in the center of town at the exact center of Chester County, Pennsylvania. Downingtown is the midpoint between Lancaster […]

Portrait of David Oleski in Black and White

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I want to start this series of blogs boosting the Downingtown Fine Arts Festival by talking about the artist/producer of the event, David Oleski. As I was considering writing this blog post for the past few days, a cat image kept coming to mind. David often seems the embodiment of cat-ness – alert, self-contained and […]

Modern Illustrations and Dr. Seuss

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Despite the fact that I was born and raised after WWII, my intellectual framework was late 19th – early 20th century American; in other words, I identified most strongly with what I read in books about the past. During my formative years, I realized that everything one could possibly need to know was in the […]

Drawing Inspiration from the Renaissance

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At age 10, I find my no. 2 pencil, painted yellow, with a pink eraser on one end is not up to the task. Islamic, Chinese and Japanese graphic art are supreme examples of human cultural necessity. Admiring these drawings in the National Gallery, I could feel the truth of this to the very marrow […]

Drawing With a No. 2 Pencil

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The neighborhood was sketchy. Mom never let us out. What to do with four boisterous kids in the 50’s and no TV? We lived as though in the late 19th century. We had books. An elderly relative worked at the government printing office a few blocks away on North Capitol Street. She would bring us […]

About My Paintings in St. Joseph Church, Downingtown (on the occaision of their blessing)

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1. Opening comments 2. Interpretation of story and symbols 3. The technical process 4. Personal notes 1. Opening Comments: Renaissance artists often needed to look far and wide for inspiring models. I was particularly blessed to find faces of striking beauty right here in this parish – Desiree and Briana Schaller, and the very handsome […]

How the Hip Pocket Theatre Changed My Life – Part 3

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Although he’s never said so to me, in my opinion Johnny is an extremely discreet and attentive watcher and listener. Out and about or sharing a pitcher of beer in some Bar-B-Q joint, I would notice him occasionally be struck by a phrase or gesture made by the people going here and there, following the […]

How the Hip Pocket Theatre Changed My Life – Part 2

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Six years later, as a regular on stage with the Hip Pocket, we were back again at the Kimbell doing “The Mandrake” another commedia dell’ arte piece updated to the 1980’s. After almost ten years of designing museum art exhibits, I was then leaving the Kimbell in a few weeks to be a full time […]

How the Hip Pocket Theatre Changed My Life – Part 1

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One of the most extraordinary people I ever met in my life is Johnny Simons, the founding creator/playwright/director of the Hip Pocket Theatre in Fort Worth, Texas. For 38 years, Johnny, his wife, Diane, and a core of about a dozen brilliant actors and musicians have walked a bunch of wildness over a stage where […]

The Art was Safe

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When I was a child, Eisenhower seemed some sort of king. He was bald and smiled a great deal. But his enduring good humor implied more than amusement, more than an inside joke (I was sure of that) smiling was also patriotic. It was American. I liked Ike. Kennedy also had a good smile. Like […]

Thanksgiving Post

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Though I spend a significant part of my life in a state of gratitude and enthusiasm, I also have a more complex side and it can get pretty dark. This is true of many people, so I won’t bore you with a lot of blah, blah….except in this one particular case, as it relates directly […]

The Most Important Modern Person

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My Life in Art as an Old Geezer  – Described in Purple Effulgences – Part Third This is where the 21st Century Scientist steps in or, as Carlyle would be forced to admit, “The most important modern person.” The fact that art has been demoted seems of slight import compared to the former illustrious company […]

Crazy Days

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My Life in Art as an Old Geezer  – Described in Purple Effulgences – Part Second These crazy days, when speaking to colleagues I don’t hesitate to opine that the art world, like the rest of the world, is in chaos! In my personal and professional life, I’ve never been more afraid, and yet, somehow… […]

The Necessity of Desire – Does Art Need to Mean Something?

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My Life in Art as an Old Geezer  – Described in Purple Effulgences – Part First Sir Philip Sidney, writing during the time of Queen Elizabeth, felt compelled to defend the necessity of art. Not its desirability but its necessity. Sidney’s “Defense of Poesy” is beautifully written and full of humor but ultimately also a […]