Downingtown Main Street

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There is another important contributor to the Downingtown Fine Arts Festival happening on May 30th and 31st – the Downingtown Main Street Association.  The DMSA is an all-volunteer group of civically-minded individuals looking to promote business in our borough and see the town off to a good start in the 21st century. We’re pooling our efforts […]

Victory Brewing Company

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Downingtown, Pennsylvania has been a place of some significance for over 200 years. It was a frontier trading post and an important supply depot for Washington’s army at Valley Forge. Roads come together at five points in the center of town at the exact center of Chester County, Pennsylvania. Downingtown is the midpoint between Lancaster […]

Portrait of David Oleski in Black and White

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I want to start this series of blogs boosting the Downingtown Fine Arts Festival by talking about the artist/producer of the event, David Oleski. As I was considering writing this blog post for the past few days, a cat image kept coming to mind. David often seems the embodiment of cat-ness – alert, self-contained and […]