Drawing Inspiration from the Renaissance

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At age 10, I find my no. 2 pencil, painted yellow, with a pink eraser on one end is not up to the task. Islamic, Chinese and Japanese graphic art are supreme examples of human cultural necessity. Admiring these drawings in the National Gallery, I could feel the truth of this to the very marrow […]

Drawing With a No. 2 Pencil

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The neighborhood was sketchy. Mom never let us out. What to do with four boisterous kids in the 50’s and no TV? We lived as though in the late 19th century. We had books. An elderly relative worked at the government printing office a few blocks away on North Capitol Street. She would bring us […]

About My Paintings in St. Joseph Church, Downingtown (on the occaision of their blessing)

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1. Opening comments 2. Interpretation of story and symbols 3. The technical process 4. Personal notes 1. Opening Comments: Renaissance artists often needed to look far and wide for inspiring models. I was particularly blessed to find faces of striking beauty right here in this parish – Desiree and Briana Schaller, and the very handsome […]