Sitting In Class

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Adrian is teaching another drawing class at the Chester County Art Association and his first session was on Tuesday.  As his personal techie, I helped him put together a Powerpoint presentation on drawing, and agreed to go to the first class and set up the projector.  As it turned out, he also needed a model […]

How the Hip Pocket Theatre Changed My Life – Part 3

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Although he’s never said so to me, in my opinion Johnny is an extremely discreet and attentive watcher and listener. Out and about or sharing a pitcher of beer in some Bar-B-Q joint, I would notice him occasionally be struck by a phrase or gesture made by the people going here and there, following the […]

How the Hip Pocket Theatre Changed My Life – Part 2

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Six years later, as a regular on stage with the Hip Pocket, we were back again at the Kimbell doing “The Mandrake” another commedia dell’ arte piece updated to the 1980’s. After almost ten years of designing museum art exhibits, I was then leaving the Kimbell in a few weeks to be a full time […]

How the Hip Pocket Theatre Changed My Life – Part 1

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One of the most extraordinary people I ever met in my life is Johnny Simons, the founding creator/playwright/director of the Hip Pocket Theatre in Fort Worth, Texas. For 38 years, Johnny, his wife, Diane, and a core of about a dozen brilliant actors and musicians have walked a bunch of wildness over a stage where […]

It’s Sebastian’s Birthday!

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Today is a great day to get back to the blog (we had an extended holiday break) since it is Sebastian’s birthday! Twenty-two years ago today, Adrian and I were lying side by side on a bed in Harris Hospital (Fort Worth, Texas) looking into the placid and wise blue eyes of the newest member […]