A Natural Christmas (Part Two)

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So my natural Christmas story continues with the approach of the Holiday season in the late 1980s.  The holiday season, for me, begins about two weeks before Christmas. I always assumed this would change as I grew older and wiser, but it does not.  I resist the onslaught of holiday cheer that inundates our society […]

A Natural Christmas (Part One)

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Early in my married life I became, for reasons I didn’t quite understand, immersed in the idea of “natural” living (I blame Rodale Press). It seemed out of character since my favorite hobbies were reading books, seeing movies and watching TV, not to mention the fact that I didn’t care much for the outdoors; this […]

Video – White House Holiday Card

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Adrian talks about the 2001 White House Holiday Card that he was commissioned to paint by President and First Lady George and Laura Bush. White House Holiday Card from Adrian and Leah Martinez on Vimeo.

The Art was Safe

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When I was a child, Eisenhower seemed some sort of king. He was bald and smiled a great deal. But his enduring good humor implied more than amusement, more than an inside joke (I was sure of that) smiling was also patriotic. It was American. I liked Ike. Kennedy also had a good smile. Like […]

Sebastian’s Poetry

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Since this is my belated Thanksgiving Holiday post, I decided to make it short and, to me, very sweet.  The following poem was written by our son, Sebastian at age 19, during his freshman year at Bucknell University.  This poem is about a day he spent with one of his best friends when they were […]