Video – Amaryllis in Green Vase

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Get ready for the Holidays by watching this wonderful video of Adrian talking about his painting “Amaryllis in Green Vase”. Amaryllis in Green Vase from Adrian and Leah Martinez on Vimeo.

Thanksgiving Post

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Though I spend a significant part of my life in a state of gratitude and enthusiasm, I also have a more complex side and it can get pretty dark. This is true of many people, so I won’t bore you with a lot of blah, blah….except in this one particular case, as it relates directly […]

In the Artist’s Studio

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 We live in a fantastic Victorian house, and one of its most exciting aspects is an old carriage house in the back.  The carriage house has a dirt floor, is two stories tall, has these amazing circular windows on the second floor with pentagram-shaped mullions and everyone in the area calls it the witch’s house […]

Video – Brandywine Feast

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Adrian discusses texture, color and light in this video about his painting “Brandywine Feast”. Brandywine Feast from Adrian and Leah Martinez on Vimeo.

The Most Important Modern Person

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My Life in Art as an Old Geezer  – Described in Purple Effulgences – Part Third This is where the 21st Century Scientist steps in or, as Carlyle would be forced to admit, “The most important modern person.” The fact that art has been demoted seems of slight import compared to the former illustrious company […]

Best Museum Tour Guide

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Adrian and I were discussing a trip into Philadelphia a few days ago, and we both assumed, without discussion, that our trip would include visiting the Philadelphia Museum of Art (see photo below).  No matter how many times we go to that, or any, museum, I always look forward to another trip.  This is because […]

Video – The Gardener

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In the video below, Adrian discusses the painting “The Gardener” and how he feels about vines, old stone and the layers of time that permeate this image. The Gardener from Adrian and Leah Martinez on Vimeo.

Crazy Days

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My Life in Art as an Old Geezer  – Described in Purple Effulgences – Part Second These crazy days, when speaking to colleagues I don’t hesitate to opine that the art world, like the rest of the world, is in chaos! In my personal and professional life, I’ve never been more afraid, and yet, somehow… […]

Video – Coral Bells

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The painting that Adrian discusses in the video below is another piece that is part of a cycle of work inspired by Brandywine Cottage, the complex and beautiful garden of friends David Culp and Michael Alderfer. Coral Bells from Adrian and Leah Martinez on Vimeo.

Art Model – Live

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In my blog last week, I discussed modeling for Adrian and so this week I was thinking about the difference between Adrian taking my photograph for a piece, and live modeling.  Any time he puts me in a painting, whether it be a portrait or if I am just a figure in a historical work […]