The Necessity of Desire – Does Art Need to Mean Something?

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My Life in Art as an Old Geezer  – Described in Purple Effulgences – Part First Sir Philip Sidney, writing during the time of Queen Elizabeth, felt compelled to defend the necessity of art. Not its desirability but its necessity. Sidney’s “Defense of Poesy” is beautifully written and full of humor but ultimately also a […]

Art Model

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I’m pretty sure that Adrian asked me to pose for him after we had been dating about……one week.  It wasn’t a line, either, he meant business.  He told me he would be taking photographs, that I needed to wear a bathing suit, and I would be holding an egg.  I said, “sure”, like this happened […]

Art Partners

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From the moment we met, my wife and I have been art partners.  Whether on stage dancing or acting or reciting poetry together, consulting over one of my paintings in progress or arguing in front of Raphael’s “La Bella” in Florence, art has been a profound part of our relationship.  This intense interaction has come […]

Seeing vs. Looking

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I exercise in the morning.  I hate it.  I am not a morning person, but when I finally realized that my only other choice (other than growing out of all of my pants) was getting all sweaty at night and having to shower twice (the horror), I began to get up 45 minutes earlier. And […]

Drawing: A Picture and a Code

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I am teaching a life drawing class at the Chester County Art Association, and my first posted class notes ended with: “In the right environment and lighting a portrait skillfully rendered in oil paint can fool the eye- a drawing never will. There is an abstract dimension to even the most realistic drawing, a picture […]

Video – Burmese Cat

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In the video below, Adrian discusses the painting “Burmese Cat” and the fact that it was originally a much larger portrait of a friend. Burmese Cat from Adrian and Leah Martinez on Vimeo.

Fish Hell

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Early in our marriage, Adrian did a painting that I call “Fish Hell”.  When he started the painting, I was dubious.  I remember thinking, “How do I tell him that this is a really bad idea?”  And then, after some careful thought about how that conversation might go, I held my tongue.  Of course, he […]

The Lost Art of Portrait Painting – in 3 Parts

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The Lost Art of Portrait Painting – Part 1 *note: There are some fine ideas in the following, unfortunately I can’t take credit for them. Mostly they belong to the great museum director Sherman Lee and the scholar Remy Saisselin. The type of portrait painting we are familiar with today originated in the Renaissance. The […]